“Savva” — is the first Russian 3d animation feature film in a genre of "roadmovie".
Magic fairy tale about the good and the bad, courage and friendship. Exciting adventures, amusing heroes, humor, colorific animation will transfer you to the fantastic world and will leave bright impression after the film.

In the far forest country people have already forgotten about what is danger. Savva, a nine-year old good-natured little boy, lives in the village of Dots with his mum, plays with his friends and never thinks about what goes on outside of their forest. The usual way of life was suddenly broken when the village of forest inhabitants was attacked by vile beings.

Savva managed to escape from the trap. He promised to his mum to rescue her and the people of his village from spiteful monsters. When Savva found himself in a huge forest he got acquainted with a talking wolf Anga and two amusing beings - a pink fluffy small animal Pusik who faints even at the time of slightest danger and also with vainglorious semi baron Fafl.

New friends start a dangerous journey at the ends of the earth where they many dangerous but interesting adventures are reserved for them.